680 Truck Mount

560 Left-Hand Discharge

430 Left-Hand Discharge

The "REEL" Efficient TMR Feeder Mixer

At Farm Aid Equipment, Inc. our goal is to create the most efficient TMR feeder mixer for the agricultural industry. We offer these on trailers, as stationary units, or available to be mounted on trucks.

We offer two different families of mixers: Heavy Duty and Commercial Duty. The Heavy Duty line is designed for mid-range producers. They are offered in 250, 340 or 430 cubic feet. The Commercial Duty line is designed for larger producers. They are offered in 560 or 680 cubic feet.

All are designed to offer years of trouble-free use and extremely low operating costs. Designed into all of our TMR feed mixers are features that reduce the horsepower (and fuel) needed to mix your ration.

One of our customers sent this video to us. It shows one of our early commercial wagons feeding cattle.

Please note the gentle mixing of the feed.